Instagram’s Latest Feature, Notes Will Allow You to Set Your Status to a Song

Instagram notes

Instagram’s Notes status feature is still entertaining users.

The ability to set your status to a song has been added to Notes in a recent update, precisely like instant messenger away messages did in the 2000s.

Mia Sato reported on Instagram’s new Notes feature for The Verge:

Now, users will be able to attach a 30-second clip of a song to their status update, along with a short caption next to the track. Friends can then tap into the song to listen to the snippet. Instagram is also adding a translation button below Notes for posts in other languages.

Instagram must start naming this feature Music Notes if they haven’t already. The name is basically up for the taking. According to Mia, teenagers use Instagram’s Notes feature 10 times more frequently than other users.

Given that teens think Facebook is a place for grandparents, that must feel good. IG, enjoy it while you can because kids grow up so quickly.

I’ll be going back to my adolescent days in the interim and setting my Music Note to whatever the TRL host Carson Daly was just playing on MTV.

Back in the present, Meta is also getting ready to launch a microblogging service similar to Twitter that resembles the Instagram comments section. The new ActivityPub standard will be supported by Threads, as The Verge speculates it would be called, allowing it to communicate with Mastodon and other federated social networks.

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