Google introduces support for Passkey for Workspace and Google Cloud Accounts

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Google added Passkey support as a new sign-in option for personal Google Accounts earlier in May.

With a public beta, the tech giant is now extending support to Workspace accounts. Passkeys enable users to sign in to apps and websites using PIN, fingerprint scanner, and face unlock in place of password-only logins. The passwordless sign-in approach makes the claim that it lessens the impact of social engineering and phishing assaults. Over 9 million organizations can now allow their users to sign in to Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts using Passkeys rather than passwords thanks to the open beta launch.

Google added Passkeys as an alternative sign-in option for personal Google Accounts on Monday after introducing support for personal accounts last month.

With the most recent open beta launch, more than 9 million businesses may now allow their customers to sign in to Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts without needing passwords by utilizing the authentication methods built into their phone or computer, such as PIN, fingerprint, or face unlock.

Users can still login in to their personal and professional Google Accounts on phones, laptops, and desktops using passwords even though Passkeys is a new authentication option. The new approach is supposed to lessen internet threats like phishing.

According to Google’s own research, utilizing Passkeys is four times quicker and twice as error-free than using regular passwords. The American technology corporation asserts that “user’s biometric data is never sent to Google’s servers or other websites and apps” in terms of privacy.

Support for Google Passkey is available for Windows, ChromeOS, iOS, Android, and macOS. The feature is supported on the Web by well-known browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Over the coming weeks, Google Workspace admins can enable Passkey login for users within their organization. As a 2-Step Verification (2SV) technique, they can still produce and use Passkeys.

In the field of cybersecurity, passkeys are predicted to surpass passwords and password managers. Along with Google, leading tech firms Apple and Snap are promoting the use of this new tool by using a password-less sign-in standard developed by the FIDO Alliance. Passkeys are thought to offer quicker, simpler, and more secure sign-ins than conventional ways. Since users don’t need to remember passwords for every account, they are considered to reduce human error in password security and authorisation stages.

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