Google to Equip 20,000 Nigerian Youth With AI and Data Analytics Skills

grow with google

Google has announced a plan to teach 20,000 Nigerian women and youth digital skills, which is a big step toward increasing digital skills, employment, and company growth.

The program, supported by a grant from Google’s charitable division and carried out in partnership with Data Science Nigeria and the Creative Industry program for Africa, aims to support the Nigerian government’s commitment to enhancing young people’s participation in the digital economy.

The aim? reducing youth unemployment in Nigeria and giving participants the necessary digital skills to succeed in the new labor market. Notably, big tech already runs the “Grow with Google in Africa” initiative, which has partnered with a number of African governments and business leaders to empower people with digital upskilling for their jobs and enterprises.

The curriculum includes instruction in a variety of business and employment skills, including artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and digital marketing, among others. Millions of individuals have been trained so far over the continent, and it has helped create tools that are suited to the requirements of local communities.

In addition, the tech giant will give the Nigerian government 1.2 billion NGN ($1.6 million) in grant money to assist in creating one million new digital jobs in the nation.

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