Telegram Releases Stories, Other Features for All Users

telegram stories

Monday saw the launch of Stories for all users, according to Telegram.

The feature is now available to all users on the platform after being first made available to Premium subscribers last month. Compared to those found on competing social media platforms, this function has a few changes and improvements. The social media site is also releasing a new camera tool that can be utilized when sharing Stories, in addition to enhanced privacy options. While all users may access more comprehensive information than on any other platform, Telegram Premium subscribers also have access to a special Stealth mode.

Telegram announced the introduction of the Stories feature to all of its users in a blog post. The platform claimed that this was one of the most frequently requested features on the system, and that it required many months to build while adding refinements to the feature that is present on practically all social media systems, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Signal, and WhatsApp.

An expanding portion at the top of the screen will allow users to view Stories. They can share, privately reply, or react to a story by quickly tapping on it. With only one tap, users can respond with the heart emoji, while with a long press, they can select from a variety of additional emojis.

A new dual-mode camera that enables users to upload a single tale utilizing both the back and front cameras is a huge improvement to the Stories function. With this, we may create a layout similar to a picture-in-picture during video conversations. The output captured using the front camera will display in a smaller circle on the top left corner of the screen, while users will be able to take a photo or a video using the back camera, and that image or video will span the majority of the screen.

Users of Telegram will be able to edit their stories by adding text, drawings, stickers, and location tags, just like on Instagram. Users can also search for GIF options to add to the story or contribute more images from their own library.

The most recent update now includes caption functionality, which lets users add links, tag friends, and provide lengthy text descriptions.

Telegram has changed its privacy settings with more precise controls, and the program now has four sub-sections: Everyone, My Contacts, Close Friends, and Selected Contacts. As per Telegram, they can be further customized. Additionally, users have the option to choose contacts who will never be able to see any of their stories. By default, a user’s profile will display the tales from their contacts.

Users can also choose how long a story remains online. They can also submit the stories to their profiles where both current and potential contacts can view them in a grid-like fashion over the course of 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours.

Users may now edit their tales on Telegram, which is a significant improvement over other platforms. For example, modifying any single component of a story after it has been uploaded on Instagram is not allowed. The tale needs to be deleted, the desired adjustments made, and then the story is uploaded again. However, users can now alter any part of their tale at any time, including its visibility, caption, on-screen text, stickers, and anything else, according to a recent upgrade on Telegram.

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