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Future of Payments and Commerce will be Explored at Innovative Conference “PayCom 2023”

Future of Payments Paycom

The Loveworld Institute of Innovation and Technology (LIIT) is proud to announce the upcoming “Future of Payments and E-Commerce Conference 2023” (PayCom 2023), set to take place on 11th October 2023 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

The theme for this event ‘Leveraging the Power of Contactless Payment for Financial Inclusion’.

PayCom 2023

This prestigious event will bring together thought leaders, experts, innovators, and industry stakeholders to delve into the evolving landscape of payments, commerce, and financial technology.

Partners for this event are Parallex Bank, Techeconomy, Zeeh Africa and Tori Communications.

PayCom 2023 is designed to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing ways people make payments and engage in commerce.

The conference will focus on the future of financial transactions, examining the impact of digital transformation, payment innovations, e-commerce trends, and the intersection of technology and finance.

The primary objectives of PayCom 2023 include:

  1. Exploration: To delve into the current state and future trends of payments and commerce, considering the influence of technological advancements and evolving consumer behaviour.
  2. Education and Sensitization: To educate and sensitize attendees about the benefits and possibilities of various payment solutions, including contactless payments, digital wallets, and emerging technologies.
  3. Innovation: To showcase innovative payment solutions and strategies that drive financial inclusion, enhance user experiences, and streamline payment processes.
  4. Collaboration: To foster collaboration among technology solution providers, regulators, businesses, and financial institutions, with the aim of creating an ecosystem conducive to advancements in payments and commerce.
  5. Thought Leadership: To provide a platform for thought leaders and experts to share insights, exchange ideas, and envision the future of payments and e-commerce.
  6. Networking: To facilitate networking opportunities, enabling professionals from various sectors to connect, collaborate, and share experiences.

PayCom 2023 envisions a future where payments and commerce seamlessly integrate with the latest technologies, driving economic growth, financial inclusion, and improved user experiences.

The conference brings together key stakeholders instrumental in shaping the direction of the payments and e-commerce landscape in Nigeria and beyond.

With a comprehensive agenda, distinguished speakers, engaging panel discussions, and insightful presentations, PayCom 2023 seeks to shed light on the transformative potential of technological innovation in the payments and commerce sectors, contributing to the advancement of financial services and economic progress.

For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and registration details, please visit the official PayCom 2023 website at or contact Fola on 09093216121 or [email protected]. To attend the event kindly visit

 About LIIT

The Loveworld Institute of Innovation and Technology (LIIT) stands as a pioneering social enterprise platform and institution dedicated to addressing the essential literacy and educational requirements of the youth across our nation, with a particular focus on the realms of technology and innovation. Operating as a beacon of thought leadership within eight distinctive communities, we stand resolute in our mission to empower young minds and SMEs, illuminating the vast potential residing within the domain of Financial Technology and related sectors.

Our conviction is that by unlocking the realms of possibilities within this sphere, we can catalyze transformative change within our nation. The LIIT operates on a foundation of human capacity building, driven by our steadfast commitment to fostering innovation. By cultivating innovative solutions, we strive to fuel economic prowess while simultaneously making a profound impact on the lives of individuals.

The LIIT serves as a testament to our unwavering belief in the power of knowledge and innovation to drive progress. As we guide the youth and SMEs towards these uncharted territories, we are confident that this journey will mark a watershed moment in our nation’s trajectory, propelling us towards a future of boundless potential.

With a focus on human empowerment, technological innovation, and the creation of transformative solutions, the Loveworld Institute of Innovation and Technology remains a guiding light, steering us towards a brighter, more inclusive, and innovative future for all.

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