Nigeria’s AltSchool Africa,has opened additional schools to train Africans in creative and business fields.

AltSchool Africa

AltSchool Africa, a Nigerian skill-to-market platform, has expanded its learning faculty to include creative economy and business schools, following an amazing 40% completion rate in its first year.

AltSchool, founded in 2021 by Adewale Yusuf and Sultan Akintade, co-founders of another Nigerian ed-tech business TalentQL, intends to provide Africans with in-demand tech and employability skills to help them launch their professions.

The tech-enabled platform has traditionally offered courses directly tied to in-code and no-code, taking an unconventional approach to learning. The startup has added content creation, sales, and music business – using Afrobeats as a case study – to its existing nine courses, and applications for the first cohort of these new streams are now available.

The business, which raised a US$1 million pre-seed investment in February 2022, has facilitated approximately three million hours of training for tech positions such as software engineering, data science, and product design in the last two years. The new programs are focused on non-traditional jobs outside of the technology sphere, and are intended to provide prospective learners with a comprehensive and experiential upskilling platform as they establish careers in other developing sectors.

“Our goal is to create a fun and communal learning platform for all Africans, regardless of previous education or background, to develop their skills.” “Our innovative teaching methods have proven effective in helping our students retain information, demonstrating that we understand the complexities of how online education works,” Yusuf remarked.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of these two new faculties, which will be led by qualified experts.” These industries were particularly picked for their strong growth, and we want to assist people advance their careers in these professions as quickly as possible. Many people in Africa earn poor wages due to a lack of basic job skills training. Our platform, on the other hand, aspires to create a positive difference by connecting individuals with the required skills for the job market, allowing them to flourish and attain their full potential. We hope to contribute to a brighter future for the continent by doing so.”

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