Yellow Card, an African bitcoin exchange, introduces a new Payments API for African businesses.

Yellow Card

A new Payments API has been made available by African cryptocurrency exchange Yellow Card, allowing businesses to on- and off-ramp clients through its crypto rails.

In addition to giving businesses immediate access to its collecting and disbursement rails in 16 African nations, Yellow Card, a top cryptocurrency exchange on the continent, also enables them to provide their consumers with local payment options including mobile money and local bank transfers.

“Our Payments API is a game-changer for businesses looking to expand across Africa,” stated Chris Maurice, CEO of Yellow Card. 16 African countries’ treasury management, collections, and disbursements can all be outsourced using a single API. We’re interested to see how this product will affect companies attempting to penetrate various African markets.

While Yellow Card manages treasury management and the conversion of local fiat to/from Stablecoins like USDT and USDC, the Payments API enables businesses to receive and disburse local fiat currency via mobile money and bank transfer. By automatically converting to stablecoins, you can protect your company from the erratic nature of African currencies. This solution is ideal for FinTechs that require assistance with treasury management, remittance providers looking to profit from crypto rails, and crypto companies as well as other international businesses looking to expand into Africa.

Yellow Card provides the most competitive exchange rates in all countries through the API as well as industry-low fees for using our rails since it recognizes the significance of price in African markets.

Yellow Card’s adherence to pertinent laws enables other companies to easily expand into new African nations, increases client confidence, and improves their reputation generally.

With the release of Yellow Card’s Payments API solution, companies may now access the rapidly expanding African market.

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