WhatsApp is Working on Multi-Account Feature For Android Beta Users


According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a new feature for upcoming app updates.

According to a report, the functionality being tested on the beta version of the application will enable access to several WhatsApp accounts from a single device. Last year, the social networking site unveiled a companion mode that enables users to log into a single account from a variety of devices. According to rumors, the business is currently developing a feature that will let customers access several WhatsApp accounts from the same device.

The multi-account feature was observed being tested on the WhatsApp Business beta for Android update on Google Play Store, according to a post by feature tracker WABetaInfo.

According to the graphic included in the article, the feature is compatible with WhatsApp Messenger. It is currently under development and should be made public later this year.

According to reports, WhatsApp is attempting to implement this multi-account capability by introducing a menu that enables users to select which account they want to log in to. The first time a new account is established, it is saved on the computer until the user logs out of it. On the same app, other accounts may be added later, similar to what Instagram now allows.

Users would be able to manage separate personal and professional discussions, along with other social activities, within a single app, according to the rumored feature. By allowing users to customize notifications for each account and easily move between them, this separation is expected to ensure that customers can safeguard their privacy on all relevant accounts and handle notifications effectively.

There is no proof that the feature is only available for business accounts, even if it was discovered on a beta development version of the business app. In the future, it may be assumed that everyone will be able to use the functionality, starting with the app’s beta testers. Usually when the platform releases an Android feature, an iOS version of the same follows suit and vice-versa. It can be assumed that if WhatsApp is testing this out for Android users, an iOS version of the multi-account feature could also surface soon.

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