Twitter’s Legacy Verified Checkmarks to Start Disappearing on April 1st, Expands Blue Globally

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If they don’t start paying for it, already verified Twitter accounts will soon lose their checkmarks.

According to the website, on April 1st, “[it] will start winding down [its] heritage verified program and eliminating legacy verified checkmarks.” It was always clear that the business wanted to accomplish this. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, stated that “far too many corrupt legacy Blue’verification’ checkmarks exist” and that the business is eliminating them in the upcoming months shortly after Twitter Blue was initially introduced in November 2022.

If Twitter isn’t just setting the stage for an April Fools’ joke, it appears like the moment has come for legacy verified users to lose their blue ticks. After all, Musk finds humor in himself.

It’s also unknown whether the website intends to remove all of its verified checkmarks at once or in phases. When we contacted the business to request clarification, all we received in return was a poop emoji.

Just after Blue subscriptions went global, Twitter made an update regarding legacy verified users. With this expansion, the service will be available to more people than it was previously, who were previously limited to particular regions. Paying subscribers will also receive a blue tick next to their usernames, have access to 4,000-character tweets, be able to amend their messages, and benefit from improved reply rankings.

If Twitter wants to reach Musk’s objective of having 50% of its revenue come from subscriptions, it must increase the availability of Blue. We’ll just have to wait and see if there are enough customers prepared to pay the $8 monthly fee (or $11 if they pay through the iOS app) for its benefits.

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