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The largest car-sharing marketplace in Africa, Treepz, relaunches its consumer app.


Treepz, Africa’s biggest car-sharing platform that offers on-demand car rentals for flexible periods, has re-launched its consumer app as Africa’s largest car-sharing marketplace.

The company claims to have spent the last five months developing this solution and is thrilled to introduce it in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. Treepz aims to lead the charge in this vital movement, ensuring that both guests and hosts enjoy their commutes on the continent.

Treepz’s CEO, Onyeka Akumah, said the new Treepz is an innovative solution for transportation in Africa. The company seeks to leverage more than 26 million vehicles available on the continent to provide commuters with enjoyable and fun transportation services as they travel for work or leisure. With over 600 million Africans residing in urban areas and fewer than 44 cars per 1,000 people, the demand for affordable transportation options is high.

Treepz’s car-sharing platform addresses this need by allowing people to rent a car only when they need it, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, resulting in a more sustainable transportation system. The car-sharing market in Africa is expected to grow at a rate of 20% annually from 2020 to 2030, with a projected market value of $500 million.

Treepz is well-placed to take advantage of this growth and provide an affordable and sustainable transportation option for people across the continent. Treepz is supported by reputable investors such as Google, SOSV, Goodwater Capital, Techstars, and GIIG Africa Fund, among others, adding credibility to the company and its new marketplace.

The car-sharing marketplace is currently operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, serving over 26 million vehicle owners in Africa today.

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