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Tech of the Week: Wireless Soft e-Skin

Wireless Soft e-Skin

Many tech enthusiasts have been looking forward to the day when the touch of sense will become a reality in the virtual world.

It’s safe to say that the wireless soft e-skin will be instrumental in making this idea see the light of the day.

A research team led by the City University of Hong Kong developed the e-skin to provide a viable means of sharing the sense of touch across long distances.

It is designed with flexible actuators that detect the wearer’s movement and convert them into electrical signals.

These signals can be transferred via Bluetooth, where the actuators convert them into mechanical vibrations similar to the initial movements.

This groundbreaking innovation has several potential applications.

According to the researchers, the system could be used to enable loved ones to feel each other over long distances.

They are also working around practical applications for people with visual impairment who could rely on the e-skin to gain remote directional guidance and read Braille messages.

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