Cape Town to Host Africa Tech Festival Awards 2023

Tech Festival Awards

The prestigious Africa Innovative Festival Awards, which will be held at the Bay Hotel in Camp’s Bay, Cape Town, on November 15, 2023, will once again honor the accomplishments of some of the continent’s most illustrious pioneers and innovative entrepreneurs in the fields of technology, telecommunications, and media.

The Africa Tech Festivals are notable for their reputation as unforgettable evenings of fun, food, and conversation with some of the industry’s hottest talent. They also stand out for their recognition of the accomplishments of the businesses and individuals who are improving the lives of numerous Africans.

Explicitly Expected Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will host an elegant evening celebration for Africa’s leaders that will begin with a cocktail reception at the Tides restaurant with its stunning views of the ocean and end with a gala dinner in the Rotunda with live music. An afterparty with a live DJ will cap off the evening.

Sets the tone as the startup’s founder and 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year

The founder of Womenovate, Motunrayo Opayinka, encourages people to apply and comments on the impact of winning the Start-up of the Year Award in 2022, saying that it has “brought significant visibility and recognition to Womenovate.”

As a result, we saw a number of favorable developments, including improved brand recognition and fresh chances for collaboration. Additionally, we were able to broaden our network of like-minded people, professionals, and mentors, which is extremely helpful to us in our quest to empower Nigerian women in STEAM.

“Winning the prestigious award added to our credibility, helping us to further win the public’s and beneficiaries’ trust.”

The Creative Visionary Award was added as a new award category in 2023 by the team behind the Africa Tech Festival to recognize outstanding pioneers in the African media, broadcasting, and entertainment sectors.

Award Categories

Creative Visionary Award – this new award is dedicated to honouring exceptional media, broadcasting, and entertainment professionals across Africa.

Connecting for All Award – dedicated to recognising and honouring network providers and services that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and effort in ensuring connectivity for all.

Innovation for Impact – recognises innovations in products or services that have disrupted traditional approaches, introduced novel solutions, and created tangible value for businesses and individuals in Africa.

CXO of the Year – honours exceptional leaders in Africa and their outstanding contributions in building teams, setting new standards, and delivering on a clear vision in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Changing Lives Award – dedicated to recognising and honouring organisations and initiatives that are committed to improving lives across the continent.

Female Innovator of the Year Award – honours the women who have made significant contributions to the fields of tech, media, and telecoms across Africa.

Sustainability Champion of the Year – formerly the ‘Green ICT Champion Award’, this award celebrates the remarkable achievements of individuals or organisation leading the way in the development and integration of sustainable energy solutions for the continent.

Fintech Innovation Award – acknowledges the transformative power of financial technology in driving economic growth, financial inclusion, and digital transformation.

Start-up of the Year Award – acknowledges the entrepreneurial spirit, technological innovation, and potential impact of start-ups in driving growth, solving challenges, and contributing to the advancement of Africa’s tech ecosystem.

HealthTech Innovation of the Year Award – recognises innovative solutions that are changing lives, advancing healthcare, and making a significant positive impact on individuals and communities.

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