Startup Global Illumination has been acquired by Microsoft-Backed OpenAI to work on ChatGPT and other core products.

Global Illumination

The famous artificial intelligence startup OpenAI announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Global Illumination, a maker of digital products.

The deal’s financial specifics were kept confidential.

Global Illumination’s whole staff has joined OpenAI to work on the company’s flagship technologies, which include ChatGPT, according to OpenAI.

Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon, and Joey Flynn, all of whom had previously worked at Instagram for Meta Platforms, formed the New York-based Global Illumination in 2021.

Most recently, Global Illumination focused on open-source software for creating online games. According to his own website, Dimson is credited with writing some of the initial code for Instagram’s content ranking algorithms.

Despite concerns that have prompted businesses like Microsoft and Google to limit its use, a Reuters/Ipsos poll indicated that many US workers are using ChatGPT to assist with simple tasks. Companies all over the world are debating how to effectively utilize ChatGPT, a chatbot program that uses generative AI to engage consumers in discussions and respond to a variety of cues. However, security groups and businesses have expressed worries that it can lead to leaks of strategy and intellectual property.

People have reportedly used ChatGPT to create emails, summarize documents, and conduct exploratory research as part of their daily work.

While just 22% of respondents to an online survey on artificial intelligence (AI) conducted between July 11 and 17 reported that their companies explicitly permitted such external tools, about 28 percent of respondents claimed they often use ChatGPT at work.

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