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Intellia introduces an AI-driven platform for client vetting and project delivery in emerging markets.


UAE-based Intelllia, a provider of analytical and strategic support for investment and finance institutions, and corporate business development teams, has launched an AI-powered vetting and project delivery platform for finance, strategy and public policy for its clients across emerging markets. teams.

With its patented AI-driven analyst vetting, training, and quality control platform, Intellia provides on-demand, remote analysts that can be deployed within 24 hours, saving businesses 80% on recruiting and advising money. Businesses have the option of working with remote teams, analysts, or consultants.

Saad Raja, founder and CEO of Intellia, said: “At the moment, consulting firms require weeks to negotiate absurdly expensive fixed project rates with little latitude for SMEs. On the other side, freelancer websites offer unregulated, generally subpar services that are inappropriate for businesses and the public sector. By utilizing remote talent from emerging countries who can now participate in higher value roles in finance, strategy, and public policy, Intellia is bridging this gap. Intellia is working to make these nations into knowledge economies by recruiting and educating analysts from these areas.

Having been founded since its launch in 2020, Intellia has recruited hundreds of analysts from nations as diverse as Colombia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Customers can contact analysts around-the-clock because to the company’s presence on many countries. Of these analysts, only the top 1% are hired to work with customers. Leading corporations and consultancy firms around the world have employed Intellia analysts in the future.

The firm, which boasts a 95% client retention rate, offers to return its charge if the client isn’t satisfied. Next month, Intellia is scheduled to debut in Lagos, Nigeria, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Intellia has more than 150 vetted analysts who are already assisting multinational corporations with their product launches, analyzing new investments for sovereign funds and private equity firms, assisting Michelin star restaurant expansion projects in Europe, and advising governments in Africa and the Middle East on boosting foreign trade inflows. Additionally, women make up more than half of Intellia’s analytic staff.

Additional use cases include value creation plans and portfolio monitoring, investment due diligence and memoranda, pricing strategies, trade, economic policies, and strategies, merger and acquisition screening, deal pipeline development, financial modeling, valuation, and analysis.

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Last year, Intellia raised $1.5 million from Fatima Gobi Ventures and prominent figures in finance and technology, including former managing partners of tier one consulting firms and global CFOs.

“Intellia is bridging the gap between finance education and what the industry demands,” stated Saad Raja, founder and CEO of Intellia. Our platform screens and educates analysts on the precise requirements of clients.

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