Hub network AfriLabs expands to two new cities and welcomes 19 new members.


The largest network of technology and innovation hubs in Africa, AfriLabs, has announced the addition of 19 new members to its network, including hubs in the cities of Sousse in Tunisia and Baidoa in Somalia.

AfriLabs is a network organization dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship on the continent by uniting tech hubs, companies, investors, and other important ecosystem players.

It currently has a total of 419 members in 52 African nations after the accession of these new members.

The new members of AfriLabs include Enroot, Cairo, Egypt; Entrepreneurship Centre of Social Impact-ECSI (Heliopolis University), Cairo, Egypt; Hive 12, Sousse, Tunisia; Université Senghor, Alexandria, Egypt; iZET Hub, Nairobi, Kenya; KHUB, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; WiseHub, Kisumu, Kenya; Antler, Nairobi, Kenya; KV Hub, Lagos, Nigeria; Axia Technology and Innovation Hub, Jos, Nigeria; Eridan Group, Lagos, Nigeria; Mainstream Exelient Hub, Jos, Nigeria; and Afritech Hub, Tamale, Ghana.

The list is completed by Tech Hub Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe; Acelera Angola, Luanda, Angola; Afrisource Innovation Centre, Windhoek, Namibia; Fondation BantuHub, Brazzaville, Congo; IDENTIC Foundacion, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea; and LPC Space, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

“We are thrilled to welcome these 19 new members to the AfriLabs community,” said Anna Ekeledo, executive director of AfriLabs. “Their inclusion represents our commitment to driving innovation and entrepreneurship across the continent, and we look forward to working with them to achieve our collective goal of building a thriving innovation ecosystem in Africa.”

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