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Google Photos can now tag people who are not looking at the camera.

Google Photos

Google appears to have enhanced its already amazing photo recognition capabilities.

The tool is useful for tagging people in recorded images, and Google’s images app is usually accurate in doing so. A new trick offered by Google Photos (on the server end) is the ability to recognize persons even when they are not facing the camera when the image is captured. It appears to function fairly well, but there is a catch. Simultaneously, Google has begun to add a new Cinematic photo effect to Photos, which was previously an automatic feature.

Rita El Khoury of Android Authority discovered the feature after she began receiving suggestions for photographs of her husband in the photographs app. Her findings indicate that Google Photos recognized her husband based on the back of his head. This applies not only to newly submitted photographs, but also to photos taken years ago and kept on a user’s Google photographs backup.

Photos does not allow users to manually tag persons whose faces are not facing the camera, which often meant that they had to be manually put to a holiday or trip folder in order to be easily discovered.

Khoury claims that Google Photographs is actually creating a model of a person’s face from multiple photographs and videos in a certain library.

Or it might be that Google is using geographical data or a scenario to piece everything together and affirm that the subject in one shot is the same person facing the camera in another using its machine learning skills.

Regardless of how it is capable of doing so. It certainly is stunning! The user has noticed that old images are being correctly labeled even though the person’s face is not visible in them.

And if Photos is unclear, it will simply prompt the user to manually tag the individual, which is also useful because it was previously impossible to tag such photographs.

Another new Photos feature discovered by Android Police is the ability to add a phony cinematic effect to standard photos. While the cinematic effect of gently zooming into a photo has been available in Google’s Photos app for some time, users were only provided ideas or recommendations based on photos that the software handpicked automatically.

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According to the insider, the new Cinematic Photo effect is surfacing for users in the Photos app as a server-side update. The Cinematic Photo effect can be found in the Library tab in Utilities, under the Create new section.

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