Application is now Open for the Next Cohort of the IBM Sustainability Accelerator to Accelerate Global Water Management Solutions

IBM Sustainability Accelerator

The second cohort of the IBM Sustainability Accelerator, which will concentrate on water management solutions, is now taking submissions, according to a statement from IBM.

This program uses IBM technologies, including hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence, as well as a network of specialists to improve and scale initiatives aimed at protecting vulnerable populations from environmental risks.

The World Health Organization estimates that over 2 billion people reside in countries with limited water resources. Climate change and population increase are predicted to make this problem worse in some areas.

In line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 of the United Nations, IBM will look to support initiatives that, among other things, increase equitable access to clean water for all, improve water quality by reducing pollution, increase water use efficiency across all sectors, protect and restore water-related ecosystems, improve sanitation management, and lessen the number of people who experience water scarcity.

IBM representatives from several disciplines as well as those from groups like and the United Nations Development Programme will provide comments during the RFP process. The applicant’s ability and readiness to support communities that are particularly vulnerable to water-related threats, the technical viability and sustainability of the proposed solution, and transparency in measurement and reporting are just a few of the selection criteria that will be taken into account.

Water management for the most disadvantaged communities in the world is a huge challenge, according to Justina Nixon-Saintil, vice president and chief impact officer at IBM. “After our first two cohorts on sustainable agriculture and clean energy, we now look forward to working with organizations with initiatives that scale technology solutions that will support communities in overcoming water challenges, including shortages, pollution, or conservation,” the statement continued.

Ben Mandell, Utility Services Specialist at, and Mary M. Matthews, Head of the UNDP Ocean Innovation Challenge and Interim Head of the Water and Ocean Governance Programme, together with other partner experts, will contribute to this year’s RFP process. Throughout the selecting process, they will contribute their ideas and knowledge.

The achievement of UN SDG 6 depends on innovation in the water management sector, according to Mandell, one of the judges for the water cohort selection. “With the aid of IBM’s technology, experience, and network across its wide ecosystem of partners, organization initiatives that are selected to join in the IBM Sustainability Accelerator will have a substantial opportunity to make a difference,” says IBM.

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From March 14 until the end of May 2023, non-profit and governmental organizations working on water management programs can submit applications to the RFP. In November 2023, the participants who have been chosen will be revealed.

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