WhatsApp begins testing the ability to transfer ‘HD Quality’ photos on the most recent iOS and Android beta versions.


A new beta version of WhatsApp has been published that adds the capability to send HD-quality photographs within the application.

The most recent iOS and Android beta versions of the messaging app, which is owned by Meta, have started testing the feature. By default, WhatsApp sends a compressed version of every image, which might reduce the quality of any photos shared to users using the service. Nevertheless, the messaging app may soon provide a feature that will allow users to send uncompressed high-quality images instead of compressed ones.

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, was the first to notice the function and tweeted a screenshot with information about the upcoming WhatsApp feature.

A new HD button can be set to transfer high-quality photos, as seen in the image. Although HD resolution images are sharper than regular quality photos, they require more data and storage space.

Additional information on the impending feature was released by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo in the meantime. Both Android beta version and iOS beta version currently support it.

Even if HD resolution is chosen, according to the feature tracker, WhatsApp will still use a minimal amount of compression. Additionally, users must explicitly choose the HD option each time they want to transfer a high-quality image because Standard is the default choice.

WhatsApp will display a little HD icon next to the image thumbnail in the chat when a high-definition image is transmitted.

The ability to share high-quality photos only works within discussions at the moment. According to WABetaInfo, the functionality prevents users from posting HD-quality photographs as a WhatsApp Status. Additionally, the software does not support sending HD videos. Users must submit videos as documents in order to share them without compression; this workaround also lets users send photos without compression.

According to the feature tracker, some beta testers who are using the most recent versions of the app on iOS and Android will soon be able to send HD photos. The company is expected to make the feature available to more users in the coming weeks.

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