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VarsityScape, Nigeria startup empowers professors with AI and live instruction.


With the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) and live-learning technology, Nigerian company VarsityScape makes it simpler for cohort-based course instructors to acquire all the resources they require to run a successful course.

VarsityScape, a platform for students at higher education institutions that was founded in 2019 by Daniel Idiare and Kenney Erimakonosine, has now expanded to provide instructors’ on-demand courses.

The massive open online courses’ (MOOCs) completion rates were poor, at less than 15%, and in certain cases, 70% of the students who purchased the courses chose not to enroll in them.

“We began providing cohort-based on-demand courses at that time. This made us aware of the market gap, Idiare told Disrupt Africa.

This was the inability of live learning and AI technology to enable course instructors to facilitate group learning sessions more successfully.

We offer capabilities on our platform that let teachers give chat, live classrooms, on-demand content, and even access to projects and jobs in their group learning communities by utilizing live learning technologies, according to Idiare. We are working to connect everything together with AI, which will assist instructors in creating content and even entire courses, supporting students, giving them analytics, and giving recommendations to both students and instructors.

There was no such specialized platform until VarsityScape. Tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and WhatsApp have to be pieced together by the instructors.

We have streamlined the procedure so that an instructor only needs to develop the course once and then manage several cohorts from that point on, according to Idiare.

This month, we released a stable version to all platforms, and since then, five significant academies have joined. In the upcoming quarter, more numbers are anticipated.

VarsityScape has only raised a family and friends round totaling US$30,000, hence it is bootstrapped. But right now, it’s trying to raise a pre-seed round.

“At the moment, Nigeria is home to the majority of our users. But, our solution is extremely easy to scale across markets and can be utilized from anywhere. We want to grow internationally,” Idiare remarked.

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