The #African Unicorn Award for Greentech & Energy goes to Solarise Africa

African Unicorn Award

The renowned African Unicorn Award for Greentech & Energy has been given to the pan-African Energy-as-a-Service company Solarise Africa.

The honor acknowledges Solarise Africa’s commitment to the expansion and advancement of green energy technologies in Africa.

The African Unicorn Awards honor outstanding businesses that are on track to be valued at $1 billion or more in Africa within the next five years. Companies that have excelled in innovation and leadership in the energy industry while advancing sustainable development are honored in the Greentech & Energy category.

According to Mehdi El Alj, the African Unicorn Awards’ founder, “African Unicorns aims to recognize and honor the remarkable achievements of some of the most innovative and visionary companies on the African continent.” We are excited to give Solarise Africa the Greentech & Energy award since they exemplify the best of what this continent has to offer.

Boston Consulting Group and top pan-African private equity fund AfricInvest oversaw the competition, which featured 1,542 startups.

The African Unicorn Award for Greentech & Energy was given to us with great honor, stated Jan Albert Valk, Co-Founder & CEO of Solarise Africa. “This honor demonstrates our dedication to offering businesses in Africa cutting-edge and environmentally friendly energy solutions. We are appreciative of everyone who has helped us succeed, including our clients, partners, and team members.

The goal of Solarise Africa is to offer dependable and cost-effective decentralized energy solutions to companies in Africa. With considerable expansion anticipated in those nations as well as elsewhere on the continent, the company has implemented a number of solar energy projects in rural and urban regions, supplying electricity to commercial and industrial businesses in South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

For Solarise Africa, receiving the African Unicorn Award for Greentech & Energy is a noteworthy accomplishment. According to Valk, solar energy holds the key to maximizing Africa’s economic potential. “We can drive economic growth, generate jobs, and enhance the quality of life for millions of people by offering clean, affordable, and reliable energy. We are pleased with the job we have already accomplished in providing solar energy to companies throughout Africa. But we are aware that much more needs to be done. We have so far raised about $50 million in debt and equity and plan to raise additional equity in 2023 and 2024.

This will allow us to expand our reach even further. With these new investments, we will be able to bring clean, reliable energy to more organisations, help businesses and communities thrive, and contribute to a more sustainable future for our continent,” concluded Valk.

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