South Africa’s regulatory authorities have given the Nigerian cryptocurrency site Roqqu permission to operate.


South African Rand (ZAR) deposits and withdrawals are now possible for users of Roqqu, a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange platform, in that country thanks to regulatory permission.

The goal of Roqqu’s action is to broaden the use and accessibility of cryptocurrencies worldwide and to help usher in a new era of borderless cryptocurrency exchanges.

Israel Ololade, Head of Product at Roqqu, stated that the company determined moving to South Africa to be the most practical option after conducting extensive study to streamline crucial cities and nations to pioneer Roqqu’s objective of worldwide acceptance and borderless transactions.

He cited a report that questioned 217,947 people in 26 chosen countries as evidence for his claims that four million South Africans possess cryptocurrency and that the country generally ranked 18th out of 26 for crypto adoption.

He added that the expansion to other African nations in that region would be made even simpler from South Africa. With all of this in mind, the Roqqu team made the decision to go toward this expansion and is currently making “BIG MOVES” as the first crypto exchange with a Nigerian base, encouraging the adoption of crypto in other African nations.

The advantages of using this platform include access to a larger selection of fiat currency possibilities up to 100+ and the opportunity to undertake global remittance without having to download a second app.

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