Self-published authors will receive more money and royalties thanks to the launch of the NFT EPubs blockchain platform.


NFT EPubs, a cutting-edge epub blockchain platform, aims to give authors new opportunities to sell royalties and generate passive income.

The platform, which makes use of blockchain technology, ensures an additional source of revenue, transparency, security, and fairness in all transactions by giving readers a concrete financial incentive to support their preferred authors and publishers.

NFT royalties brought in $1.8 billion for rights holders in 2022, and with platforms for creating new royalties like NFT ePubs, they are expected to rise. This will let rights holders to list and sell NFTs as royalties to collectors. Buyers of the NFTs connected to each ebook receive an additional benefit from the epub blockchain platform.

These tokens, which are kept on the blockchain, reflect distinct ownership of a particular piece of digital material. In addition to owning a digital collectible, purchasers of these NFTs will also receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the ebook through conventional and digital channels.

Sam Enrico Williams and Steve Nico Williams, the cryptocurrency twins famous for starting a well-known cryptocurrency from their mother’s kitchen, are the platform’s creators. They have won plaudits for their game-changing approach to publishing.

The epub blockchain platform is poised to transform the landscape of self-publishing with the support of such influential figures in the IT sector.

For the self-publishing sector, the epub blockchain platform has been touted as a game-changer since it provides a resolution to the age-old problem of unequal royalties. The platform’s launch gives authors and publishers peace of mind that they will be fairly compensated for their labor of love while simultaneously enjoying the simplicity and convenience of digital publication.

The epub blockchain platform promises to transform the publishing sector as the world continues to move toward digital media by giving authors and publishers a new way to monetise their content and reach a larger audience. The platform’s unique strategy, along with the support of prosperous digital entrepreneurs, has the potential to completely change the self-publishing market for years to come.

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