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Nigerian startup launches personal safety app NauNau SOS

NauNau SOS

NauNau SOS is an emergency software developed by Nigerian startup Korfaw Industries that enables users to send an SOS to five pre-selected contacts along with a 15-second video, GPS position, and personalized message in case of an emergency.

The NauNau SOS App is accessible on Google Play in Ghana and Nigeria in addition to other nations like the United States (US) and Canada.

Since 2019, the app has been in development; it was finally released in April 2023. The software, which was self-funded by the creator Kozy Fa, is intended to play the same function as 999 in the UK or 911 in the US.

“In Nigeria, finding trustworthy assistance in an emergency is virtually impossible. Hence the EndSARS campaign that was launched a few years ago. So it suddenly occurred to me that, given how dependent we are on our phones, we might as well utilize them to our advantage in times of need,” Fa told Disrupt Africa.

“This is an idea that has no place in a green space. Yes, people use Instagram and Twitter, and they are somewhat aware that they should convey their location in an emergency, but should they use a different app specifically for calling for assistance? That will require a lot more education and sensitization. As a result, there has been extensive information exchange about how to use the program and its capabilities.

Currently operating in Nigeria, Fa aims to expand NauNau SOS across Africa.

“It’s a simple and necessary app and doesn’t require too much to expand to other countries,” she said.

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