Nigerian Cryptocurrency Startup, Nestcoin Secures $1.9 Million in Funding


The startup cryptocurrency Nestcoin from Nigeria has secured a $1.9 million investment round.

Hashed Emergent led the financing round in collaboration with a global group of investors, including Adaverse, Base Ecosystem Fund, Alter Global, CMT Digital, Magic Fund, 4DX Ventures, and participating angels.

Yele Bademosi, co-founder and CEO of Nestcoin, outlined the goal of his organization as follows: “We truly think that access to high-quality financial services should be available to all people, regardless of one’s location. Through the development of a pleasurable and user-friendly self-custody digital wallet, we are dedicated to realizing this goal.

A secure self-custody wallet for managing digital assets directly without the assistance of middlemen is the recently announced Onboard Wallet. With Onboard Wallet, you may send money directly to a bank account without using a centralized exchange and enjoy a seamless user experience, a seedless wallet, and other features.

A few months ago, Nestcoin announced that it was reorienting its strategic priorities from the parallel incubation of numerous initiatives, as had been its historical practice, to the growth of the Onboard Wallet. Since its original release in April, Onboard Wallet has made a commitment to making straightforward bitcoin transfers possible.

The next big step for the business is the introduction of Onboard Virtual Cards, a service that allows users to spend their bitcoin as easily as cash and supports online and in-store purchases in more than 160 countries.

Nestcoin’s successful strategic investment round indicates its dedication to democratizing financial access in addition to its ongoing focus to building Onboard Wallet.

Thanks to this finance, Nestcoin will be able to strengthen its balance sheet and advance its aim to support equitable access to economic possibilities through Onboard.

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