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Next Week Sees the Release of ChatGPT for Android, with a Pre-Order Option on Google Play Store

Android Users will soon have access to ChatGPT on Playstore

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Finally, ChatGPT will soon be available for Android.

The long-awaited ChatGPT app for Android will be available starting next week, according to a weekend announcement from OpenAI. Between November 2022 and April of this year, the business that created the newest generative AI platform ChatGPT observed it gain a cult-like following online. Android smartphone owners will soon be able to download the official ChatGPT app on their devices, although OpenAI debuted their app for iOS users in May.

OpenAI is letting users pre-register in order to have the ChatGPT Android app downloaded immediately whenever it becomes available on the Play Store. The Google Play store’s description of the software reads, “This official app is free, syncs your history across devices, and brings you the latest model improvements from OpenAI.”

You can search for ChatGPT in the Play Store on your Android smartphone, touch the Install button, and then pre-order ChatGPT for Android. When the app is prepared, you will get a notification stating that it will launch automatically. To finish the procedure, press OK. If you no longer want ChatGPT for Android to be downloaded automatically, tap Unregister instead.

By entering questions and prompts pertaining to their intended content, users of ChatGPT can create text-based content. The program searches the web using artificial intelligence (AI) for content related to the user-provided keywords. The software will then offer its customers solutions, personalized guidance, creative inspiration, professional inputs, and educational opportunities.

The web version of ChatGPT quickly attracted over 100 million registered users after its November 2022 launch. The company is believed to have generated more than 1.6 billion visits on its web platform in the seven months prior to June.

Several major technology companies, including Meta, Google, and Apple, introduced their own iterations of chatbots powered by AI in response to the release of ChatGPT.

Global desktop and mobile traffic to ChatGPT’s website fell by 9.7% in June compared to May, while the number of unique visitors fell by 5.7%. According to analytics company Similarweb, the amount of time visitors spent on the website was also down 8.5 percent. According to David Carr, senior insights manager at Similarweb, declining traffic indicates that the novelty of the chatbot has worn off.

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