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MyhealthXP, a new app, will launch soon to provide seamless and creative healthcare delivery throughout Africa.


On May 25, 2023, HealthXP Limited will launch “myhealthXP,” a new solution designed to address the persistent gap in the healthcare industry.

The lack of medical experts, lengthy wait times for appointments, and limited access to high level healthcare services are just a few of the problems that have plagued and hindered Africa’s healthcare sector for a long time. But because to myhealthXP’s cutting-edge methodology, these worries can now be put to rest.

A seamless and cutting-edge method of healthcare delivery in Africa was created with the help of the on-demand healthcare application myhealthXP. The app will put users in touch with verified, highly qualified physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies so they may receive effective, convenient, and easily accessible medical care wherever they are. Africans now have convenient access to high-quality, cheap healthcare because to myhealthXP.

What to expect:

  • Virtual medical consultations via chat, video, or audio calls.
  • Free registration and access to specific and essential daily needs.
  • Flexible and affordable payment plans: Pay as you go or choose a subscription plan.
  • End-to-End healthcare services.
  • Easy, familiar, and user-friendly experience.
  • Guaranteed screened and certified medical practitioners.
  • Strict confidentiality between doctors and patients.
  • Privacy of personal health records & information.
  • Collaborations among medical practitioners, and their team.

You can talk to a doctor right away! We encourage Africans everywhere to use our ground-breaking solution and take control of their health. No of their socioeconomic standing or geographic location, we cordially invite all medical professionals, doctors, laboratory scientists, and other practitioners from around the world to join us in providing Africans with access to high-quality healthcare.

“We have created a seamless approach towards healthcare delivery. As Africans who have personally experienced the challenges of the healthcare system in Africa, and as a medical doctor who has witnessed first-hand victims of the failing healthcare system in Africa, we are determined to make a positive impact. myhealthXP is not just a telemedicine platform, it is the tool we will utilize to save the lives of our fellow Africans,” Dr. Daniel Omomhenle, Co-founder of HealthXP Limited.

“At HealthXP, we’re excited about our mission to connect people in Africa with top-notch health professionals from around the world. Our platform is designed to tackle the challenges of limited medical resources, long wait times, and subpar healthcare services. By providing access to skilled professionals and giving healthcare providers a competitive edge, we’re making high-quality care more accessible than ever. We can’t wait to see the positive impact our app will have on healthcare in Africa,” said Dr. Kayode Ogunleye, Co-founder of HealthXP Limited.

We are ecstatic to help HealthXP Limited in their effort to transform healthcare in Nigeria and throughout Africa. In order to provide scalable healthcare reform to Nigerians and the larger African community, we are happy to collaborate with HealthXP Limited since we share their mission and believe in it. Together, we can overcome the skills gap in the healthcare sector and improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people, according to Roger Ellender, managing director of NPL Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the US, the UK, and Ghana, myhealthXP will be accessible to iOS users via the Apple Store and Android users via the Google Play Store. We are growing into other African nations. It costs nothing to sign up.

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