Mon Artisan is a skill-on-demand website for gig workers and craftspeople in the Ivory Coast.

Mon Artisan

Mon Artisan, based in the Ivory Coast, is a skill-on-demand digital platform for gig workers and artisans in the unorganized sector.

It provides a variety of services, such as plumbing, home maintenance, and repairs, IT help, and other services.

Mon Artisan, which is also available in Burkina Faso, enables clients to swiftly and easily schedule work from skilled and reputable craftsmen in trades including carpentry, painting, plumbing, and electricity.

The platform is made to offer a straightforward, enjoyable, and secure user experience.

“We streamline the payment process by integrating card and mobile payments into our plans. Founder Kevin Sesse told Disrupt Africa that we also give customer care to respond to inquiries and offer helpful guidance to assist people in their work.

“Our solution enables artisans to market their offerings and increase their clientele while offering them logistical support, skill-building, and pre-financing.”

The Mon Artisan online directory concept, which lists artisans in the Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, by sector and location, began with test phases at the end of 2019.

Since official job and income prospects are scarce, most African countries’ labor markets are characterized by vibrant informal industries that account for the majority of the continent’s GDP, according to Sesse. While skilled individuals in this unorganized sector are in constant need of better employment possibilities, middle-class residents frequently require dependable, reasonably priced services.

For this unmet need to be met, Mon Artisan has built “a bridge” between a supply of hand-selected workers and the unmet need. The firm, which has only received self-funding to date, recently took part in the Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator program hosted by Mercy Corps and BFA Global. According to Sesse, the platform has gotten positive feedback and has shown high adoption rates.

According to him, “our solution has also increased employment opportunities at the bottom of the pyramid and accredited hundreds of uncertified but qualified informal workers by connecting two traditionally disconnected socio-economic groups through an accessible and cost-effective distribution channel, such as technology.”

The firm, which charges a commission for the services of artisans listed on the platform and receives supplemental money from alliances with insurers and distributors of home furnishings, is preparing to rapidly expand across Francophone Africa.

Within three years, Sesse stated, “We intend to cover nearly all the nations of French-speaking West Africa, beginning this year with Senegal.”

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