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Microsoft Announces New Computing Service


Microsoft unveiled a new computing service on Wednesday with the goal of assisting chemical industries in hastening the development of novel materials.

The program, Azure Quantum Elements, uses computational power to assist chemical businesses in simulating a large variety of atom combinations. The idea is to virtually investigate potential new materials using computers before simulating how those materials might behave in the actual world.

The new product combines artificial intelligence, traditional high-performance computing systems, and current quantum computers.

Microsoft said in a news release that some early users of the system were able to cut their development times by as much as six months. According to Microsoft, the technology has been tested by BASF, AkzoNobel, AspenTech, Johnson Matthey, SCGC, and 1910 Genetics.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated in a news release that “our goal is to compress the next 250 years of chemistry and materials science progress into the next 25.”

Additionally, Microsoft announced that it will make a version of Copilot, an artificial intelligence tool that aids software developers in writing code, available to scientists who wish to use its services.

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