Meta Releases 3 New Features for Threads This Week

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The social media competitor to Elon Musk’s X (previously Twitter), Threads, is having trouble keeping the users it attracted right away.

As it has lost more than half of its user base in the weeks following its launch, Meta is reportedly preparing new methods. This week, Meta unveiled a number of new capabilities for Threads that will enable users to share posts straight on Instagram DMs. Additionally, the service receives personalized alt-text for images and videos as well as a mention button for account tagging in posts. Additionally, Meta is developing a preliminary desktop app internally and will soon launch it internationally.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, revealed three new capabilities for the app this week in a Threads post on Wednesday. Users will be able to share posts from Threads via Instagram DMs in addition to the earlier option of sharing them as Instagram Stories.

Users may now add alternate text to photographs and videos thanks to a new function. Users can add their preferred captions and explanations to photographs and videos.

Finally, the third feature enables users to explicitly reference a user’s account in a Threads post. Most social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and X, have a direct mention option.

The latest upgrades were also announced in a post by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on his account. Along with the aforementioned modifications, Threads now allows users to sort the accounts they are following and keep track of the threads they have liked through their profile settings.

Rel=me links are now supported in Threads as well, making user verification on networks like Mastodon simpler. Users will now be able to link their Threads account to other platforms as a result of this.

As Meta’s response to Elon Musk’s X, Threads was introduced on July 5. Although there is already a mobile version of the app for iOS and Android devices, Zuckerberg stated in a Threads post that a web version will be coming “in the next few weeks”. Additionally confirming that the company is developing an early version internally, Instagram head Mosseri stated in a Threads post on Wednesday. The web version will shortly be made available to users with certain improvements. In order to get back its lost followers, Meta is anticipated to introduce a number of additional features to the app in the future.

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