Kenyan women-only taxi service An Nisa plots Saudi expansion after huge growth

An Nisa Taxi

Kenyan taxi service for women An Nisa has 10,000 customers in its native market and is considering an expansion into Saudi Arabia.

An Nisa Taxi was established by Mehnaz Sarwar in 2018 and became an app last year. It currently has over 10,000 members.

“We cater to ladies and children, and we have a team of female drivers. For working women and parents, we also offer monthly packages. As we work to create a safe environment for both our drivers and customers, we empower our drivers by offering them better rates, said Sarwar to Disrupt Africa.

The safety of women was a concern because there were many instances of harassment reported and experienced by women working in taxi services. An Nisa is unusual in the sense that we exclusively compete against women.

The firm, which has been self-funded to this point, has amassed 10,000 users and is currently focusing on expanding to Saudi Arabia, where many of its partners are situated. To finance this expansion, it is looking for investment.

“We made a strong start, and we’re now trying to attract more clients. One notable corporate client of ours is Standard Chartered, said Sarwar.

“We generate revenue from daily rides, monthly subscriptions, and corporate customers.”

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