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Kenya Unveils “VTabu” it’s First Virtual Library


The first virtual library in Kenya, called “VTabu,” has been formally opened by the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS).

Ababu Namwamba, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports, and the Arts, unveiled the $1.7 million startup in Maktaba Kuu in Nairobi. Over 200,000 reading items, including digitized books, magazines, academic papers, and official publications, are available on VTabu.

Vtabu also offers electronic books for every subject taught in Pre-School, Primary, Junior and High School, as well as Tertiary and University levels.

Furthermore, the (KNLS) has approved the use of VTabu as a data center for cloud storage services and the digitization of significant documents, photos, and maps by government agencies and groups.

“Neither the age of these publications nor the fact that we just have one copy remaining are issues we need to be concerned with any longer. Because they are in this location, where they are secure and easy to access, we no longer need to worry about losing highly valuable maps, according to CS Ababu Namwamba.

“Information access is essential for enabling citizens to take part in governance and legal action. Keep in mind that libraries are regarded as a strategic asset and a powerhouse. Robert Theuri Maina, chair of the (KNLS) Board, added.

Users can access VTabu for Ksh20 per day, Ksh100 per week, Ksh500 per month, Ksh1,500 per two years, and Ksh2,500 per year.

Additionally, in response to President William Ruto’s address, CS Ababu Namwamba proclaimed July 12th as a yearly national reading day.

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