France Joins Forces With South Africa to Bolster Cyber Security


For the purpose of enhancing the cyber forensic capabilities of the Special Investigating Unit, South Africa and France have signed a cooperation protocol agreement.

The partnership is anticipated to result in the opening of an anti-corruption academy in Tshwane that will assist the SIU as well as law enforcement and anti-corruption organizations in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), as well as Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth nations.

On Monday, it was signed by Catherine Colonna, France’s minister for Europe and foreign affairs, and Ronald Lamola, the justice minister.

According to Lamola, the cooperation agreement will bring in much-needed expertise to boost the SIU’s capabilities in financial crimes, cyber-forensic investigations, and analytical skills.

“We will gain a lot from this training process that will allow our forensic cyber capabilities and investigations to be on pace with the norms of the globe because these forms of crime are no longer simply national in origin, but rather multinational in scope.

“This kind of collaboration will be very beneficial and assist us in developing our capabilities and being able to combat cybercrime in the nation. This would further increase investor trust that our country’s internet is secure and that we have the tools to look into any issues, he predicted.


The pact is “a window of what we are promoting in terms of bilateral cooperation,” the French minister said of the deal.

“This deal will produce benefits for South Africans and perhaps for the entire SADC region. The SIU presently has 22 trainers who can educate other investigators as a result of the tight collaboration from the French specialists.

“Members of the SIU have traveled to France and have had opportunities to view and experience the French expertise in the realm of largely cyber investigations since the very early phases of our relationship. I demand an expansion of those interactions,” she stated.

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