Elon Musk claims that voice and video calls, as well as encrypted messaging, will soon be available on Twitter.

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, provided information on new capabilities, including calls and encrypted chat, on Tuesday.

Musk hinted to “Twitter 2.0 The Everything App” intentions last year, claiming that it would include functions like encrypted direct messages (DMs), long-form tweets, and payments.

Voice and video chat from your handle to anyone on this platform will be available shortly, according to Musk, who said in a tweet on Tuesday. This will let you to communicate with individuals anywhere in the world without having to give them your phone number.

Twitter’s call feature will put it on par with other social networking platforms like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, which have features akin to calls.

Musk stated that starting on Wednesday, a form of encrypted direct messaging will be accessible on Twitter, but he did not specify whether calls will also be encrypted.

This week, Twitter said that it will begin a purging process by deleting and archiving accounts that had not been used for a while.

If and how Twitter users will be able to view archived accounts is not yet known.

Additionally, Musk warned that the number of followers on the microblogging platform may decrease as a result of the potential removal of some dormant accounts.

Twitter users are required to check into their accounts at least once every 30 days in order to prevent permanent deletion due to extended inactivity.

Earlier this month, National Public Radio stopped publishing to its 52 official Twitter streams in protest of a Twitter label that suggested government involvement in its editorial content. As a result, Musk “threatened” to reassign NPR’s Twitter account to another company.

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