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Egyptian startups Paymob and Chefaa collaborate to change pharmacies digitally

Paymob and Chefaa

The digitalization of pharmaceutical payments in Egypt will be fueled by a partnership between the Egyptian entrepreneurs Paymob and Chefaa.

Paymob was established in 2015, and our omnichannel gateway helps over 200,000 SME merchants to run and grow their businesses by providing access to more than 40 different payment options.

The Chefaa healthcare benefits platform, on the other hand, uses GPS to help clients and chronic patients manage their pharmaceutical requirements.

By enabling quick and secure online card payments as well as point-of-sale (POS) payments upon delivery, the alliance between the two venture-funded firms will digitise the payment process for pharmaceuticals. Through Paymob’s gateway, Chefaa customers can also use a number of BNPL payment options, which lessens the financial stress of upfront payments for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Smaller pharmacies will be able to reach a larger consumer base and boost sales thanks to the Paymob-Chefaa alliance, which will accelerate the adoption of digital payments in the health sector and drive online orders. The collaboration also makes prescribing easier for chronic patients who need reoccurring refills.

“We are excited to work with Chefaa as we see a huge opportunity to support the expansion of e-pharmacies and online medicine orders in Egypt by giving them access to Paymob’s cutting-edge payment solutions. The industry is ready for innovation, and our collaboration with Chefaa will improve consumer experiences and accelerate market acceptance of digital technology. The ecosystem benefits, according to Gillan Shaaban, Paymob’s CCO.

Chefaa’s COO and co-founder, Dr. Rasha Rady, said the Paymob agreement was a big step in the company’s all-encompassing approach to patient care.

“We aim to ease patients’ concerns, foster trust, and build enduring relationships based on compassion and support while leading innovation in our sector,” she added. “We do this by empowering patients with a digital payment solution that is designed with their unique needs in mind.”

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