By June 2023, Instagram may launch a text-based app to compete with Twitter.


According to reports, Meta’s Instagram is preparing to launch a text-based app that will compete with Twitter and may go live as soon as June.

According to the article, the parent company of Facebook is testing the product with some creators and influencers.

A request for comment from Reuters was not immediately answered by the corporation.

According to Alex Heath in a newsletter, Meta has been in touch with talent agencies and famous people to see whether they would be interested in testing out an early version of the app that would be integrated with Instagram.

According to a newsletter by Lia Haberman, a professor of social and influencer marketing at UCLA in California, “The decentralized app is built on the back of Instagram but will be compatible with some other apps like Mastodon.”

The parent business Meta, according to the claim, has been giving the new software to a small group of programmers in secret for months. Although it is rumored to be independent of Instagram, users can connect accounts.

According to Lia Haberman’s screenshot, the app would enable users to communicate with friends through texts, shared links, photographs, and videos. Additionally, followers will be able to join the Instagram accounts of the artists and influencers they follow with a single tap.

Additionally, the app is receiving security updates. Users who have been blocked on Instagram might soon be transferred to the new app to protect account privacy. Additionally, this new software is intended to be compatible with Mastodon, a competitor of Twitter.

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