AfriLabs Opens Office in Six New African Cities to Boost the Contient’s Digital Economy


AfriLabs, a pan-African network of innovation hubs and tech hubs that supports startups, business owners, and innovators all over the continent of Africa, has grown to include Eswatini as well as five additional African towns. Zanzibar, Ota, Matsapha, Musanze, and Baidoa are some of these cities.

As they continue to link hub members to a network of other stakeholders, AfriLabs’ most recent growth heralds exciting new potential for Africa’s digital economy. This will boost their efforts to create a digitalized Africa by 2030.

The improvement of local African innovation ecosystems by better supporting the development of investment-worthy digital startups and enterprises is one of the main objectives of the pan-African network, according to AfriLabs.

Mayssa Mrabet, the director of community at AfriLabs, is optimistic about the effects of the growth. We will keep fostering, assisting, and honoring unique ecosystems across the continent, she said. To achieve a digitalized Africa by 2030, this is a significant step.

Mely Monique, the founder and CEO of Eureka Geo in Cameroon, also discussed the growth of AfriLabs.

“Joining AfriLabs gives us a rare opportunity to participate in the African digital ecosystem and take advantage of numerous opportunities.”

View The New Hubs From AfriLabs

  • Novation City in Morocco
  • Privilege Access in Cameroon
  • Eureka Geo in Cameroon
  • Cube Zanzibar in Tanzania
  • Thousand Hills Hub in Uganda
  • Somaliland Innovation Zone (SIZ) in Somaliland
  • Southwest Innovation Hub in Nigeria
  • Kabarak University Innovation and Business Incubation Center in Kenya
  • Moolu Venture Lab in Nigeria
  • The Stalwart Hub in Ghana
  • Platinum Hub in South Africa
  • Ubulu Africa in Nigeria
  • Hebron Startup Lab in Ghana
  • WAN-Hive Ghana
  • Green Tech Innovation in South Africa
  • Royal Science and Technology Park-Business Incubator (RSTP) in South Africa

The growth and development of the African digital economy are advanced significantly by the AfriLabs expansion, which will contribute to the establishment of a more interconnected and active innovation ecosystem on the African continent.

Since its establishment in 2011, AfriLabs has significantly improved Africa’s digital ecosystem by stimulating innovation, assisting startups, and encouraging cooperation between various players in the technology and entrepreneurship sectors.

AfriLabs has made significant contributions to Africa’s digital ecosystem, including the following:

  1. Supporting Startup Growth: AfriLabs provides a platform for startups to access resources, mentorship, training, and funding opportunities. By offering a conducive environment for innovation, these startups can develop their ideas and products, leading to the growth of homegrown solutions to local and global challenges.
  2. Networking and Collaboration: AfriLabs connects a diverse network of innovation hubs, co-working spaces, and tech communities across the continent. This connectivity facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exchange of best practices among different regions, helping to create a more unified and robust digital ecosystem.
  3. Capacity Building: AfriLabs organizes workshops, training programs, and events that equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry. These capacity-building initiatives contribute to the development of a skilled workforce and promote technology-driven entrepreneurship.
  4. Access to Funding: Through partnerships, events, and programs, AfriLabs provides startups with opportunities to access funding from investors, venture capitalists, and other sources. This financial support is crucial for startups to scale their operations and bring their products to market.
  5. Showcasing African Innovation: AfriLabs showcases African startups and innovations on a global stage, increasing their visibility and promoting a positive image of African technology and entrepreneurship.
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AfriLabs has developed a network of resources, information sharing, and assistance for startups and tech entrepreneurs across the continent, and has thus continued to play a significant role in accelerating the development of Africa’s digital economy.

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