AfriLabs collaborates with the US Department of State to address the climate challenge through entrepreneurship.


AfriLabs, an African hub network, has collaborated with the US Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships (E/GP) to address the climate issue and foster entrepreneurship in Africa.

AfriLabs, founded in 2011, empowers and fosters innovation hubs across Africa through its community-focused model, whereas the US Department of State is the United States government’s premier foreign affairs agency, dedicated to crafting a peaceful and prosperous world.

The Office of Global Partnerships promotes public-private partnerships to address global challenges and promote sustainable development, and one such collaboration has recently been agreed upon with AfriLabs. Both organizations hope to help the Coalition for Climate Entrepreneurs (CCE) project, which focuses on supporting companies and entrepreneurs driving climate solutions in underdeveloped countries, through this relationship.

They will work together on a number of initiatives, including US Climate Ops and Partnership Opportunity Delegations (PODs), to connect climate entrepreneurs with resources and targeted opportunities. In addition, the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) and BridgeUSA will provide assistance to promising climate entrepreneurs.

The collaboration will be built on four pillars: engagement, expertise, capital, and deployment. The alliance intends to have a major impact by promoting collaboration, offering skills and information, attracting investment, and implementing climate solutions.

“We are excited to join forces with the US Department of State in our shared mission to empower entrepreneurs and drive sustainable change,” said AfriLabs executive director Anna Ekeledo. “Through this collaboration, climate-focused startups in our hub community across Africa will gain access to expertise, capital, and global markets.”

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