African encyclopedia is launched by a startup to document Africa’s history, realities, and aspirations for the future.


Afrorama is a brand-new knowledge platform and encyclopedia for Africa that offers a carefully chosen selection of articles, films, and other multimedia content.

Information on the arts and literature, commerce and politics, entertainment, geography and nature, history, sciences and technology, and philosophy from pre-colonial times to the present are all included in the packed, dynamic content that Afrorama presents.

It seeks to expose Africa’s genuine beauty and diversity, dispel disinformation, and advance a nuanced understanding of the continent. A team of authors and academics from around the world who work together to guarantee that information about Africa is appropriately portrayed curate Afrorama’s database of African knowledge.

Afrorama was founded by platform creator and managing director Chloé Bertrand after she struggled to locate easily accessible, factual, and well-presented information about the African continent.

She stated, “We are thrilled to introduce Afrorama and gradually provide people with access to a thorough digital encyclopedia of the African continent.

In addition, Afrorama is starting an oral history competition, inviting afro-optimists from all around the world to submit recordings of themselves telling the best and most fascinating stories about African history, custom, and culture.

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