7 startups from Africa are listed as WEF Technology Pioneers

WEF Technology

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has chosen seven African digital startups among its list of the 100 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2022.

These businesses are reshaping a variety of markets, including healthcare, retail, and many others.

The WEF Technology Pioneers are early- to growth-stage businesses from around the world engaged in the application of cutting-edge innovations that are anticipated to have a substantial influence on business and society.

Seven of the graduates from this year’s class, which can be seen here, are from Africa. Alerzo, which provides on-demand inventory distribution and financial services for small, unofficial retailers, Shuttlers, a tech-enabled scheduled mass-transit solution for individuals and businesses, and Vendease, an online marketplace that enables restaurants and other food businesses to purchase supplies directly from producers and farms, are three of these companies that originate from Nigeria.

Both Dove Air and Omnisient, which have developed trust-by-design environments for businesses to collaborate on their first party data securely, quickly, and easily while remaining compliant with consumer data privacy regulations, are from South Africa. Dove Air uses cutting-edge Urban Air Mobility technology for aid delivery and maritime conservation. Omnisient has also created a trust-by-design environment for businesses to share and exchange first-party data.

The list is completed by the Ghanaian agri-tech startup Farmerline and the Kenyan solar irrigation business SunCulture.

“We are honored and thrilled to be a part of the esteemed Technology Pioneer community at the World Economic Forum. According to Vendease CEO Tunde Kara, “This distinction is a testament to our commitment to addressing critical issues in the African food sector, notably in the areas of food waste reduction and product innovation across the demand and supply sides of the food services ecosystem.

We are now able to work with other pioneers, thought leaders, and politicians who share our vision of creating a more resilient and equitable food ecosystem thanks to our membership in the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer group.

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